Psychological Wellbeing among International Students in Universiti Putra Malaysia during the Pandemic

  • Hasfalina Che Man
  • Zainal Abidin Talib
  • Abdul Hadi Sulaiman
  • Suhaimi Abdul Rahman
  • Haslinda Abdullah
  • Mohd Rafee Baharudin
  • Izzah Farhana Ab Aziz
Keywords: anxiety, COVID-19, depression, international students, pandemic


This study aimed to investigate the prevalence of physiological well-being among Universiti
Putra Malaysia (UPM) international students due to the lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic and
identify the determinants of depression and anxiety. A total of 411 international university students at
UPM participated in this online-based survey. A standardized e-questionnaire was generated using

Google Forms, and the link was shared through social media, e.g., WhatsApp, and thru students’ e-
mails. The information was statistically analyzed by SPSS. Students experienced moderate depression

and anxiety. The university is expected to consider to fixing factors in reducing depression and anxiety
among international university students.