Exploring Visitors’ Satisfaction towards Conservation Activities at Botanical Gardens

  • Mashita Abdul Jabar Universiti Teknologi MARA
  • Shahira Abdul Jabar
  • Mohd Shafiq Abdul Jabar
Keywords: Botanical garden, conservation, environmental, satisfaction, visitor


This study focuses on exploring visitor satisfaction with the conservation and management practices at Melaka Botanical Garden, a renowned facility dedicated to plant study and protection. The research addresses challenges faced by botanical gardens, including funding constraints impacting physical characteristics, overcrowding due to high visitation rates, and cleanliness issues arising from inadequate management. Utilising a quantitative approach, 390 visitors were surveyed using a face-to-face questionnaire with a 5-point Likert Scale. The data were collected using convenience sampling technique and analysed through SPSS Software (Version 23.0) and WarpPLS (Version 8.0). Findings revealed a significant relationship between independent variables and visitor satisfaction, emphasizing the pivotal role of conservation activities in shaping satisfaction levels. The study supports the hypothesis that visitor satisfaction correlates with perceived conservation dimensions, with varying attributes contributing to distinct satisfaction levels. Notably, plant species variation emerged as a primary contributor to visitor satisfaction. The research concludes with recommendations for future studies and acknowledges certain limitations in the research design.